New New: Books, tv show and movies

So it’s that time of the week again, when I look for the new music, book or movie. I love this exercise as it so keeps me updated. Also, it’s just so much fun to compile.

So in Books, I came across Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I have only read one of Gaiman’s earlier works whcih was Good Omens, in collaboration with Terry Pratchett, but as I started reading up about him, I really think I am going to love him. Supernatural is so my favourite genre. The new book is all about what happens when a young boy stumbles over his neighbours’ supernatural secret. Chicago Tribune said this of the book, “[W]ry and freaky and finally sad. . . . This is how Gaiman works his charms. . . . He crafts his stories with one eye on the old world, on Irish folktales and Robin Hood and Camelot, and the other on particle physics and dark matter.” You have to read it now. I have also ordered one of his earlier books called Coraline, where a young girl finds a completely new world behind a locked door in her house. But the inhabitants of that world want her to stay back…forever. Will she? Forever is such a scary word, right?

On the Indian scene, Sachin Garg’s Come on Inner Peace! looks interesting. It’s about 3 completely different people looking for 3 completely different things to make their lives complete. Will it happen? That too in an ashram in Rishikesh. I already see a movie in the making. Sachin and I are friends and i am in awe of his focus and talent. This is going to be a hit for sure. Order it here

In movies, i discovered the trailor About Time, which is made my the same people who made Notting Hill and Love Actually and it seems adorable. What if you could relive a moment till it was perfect? Awww…

And this fall, coming to TV is Dracula, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers is going to play the man who wants to bring science to London, but can’t help but take revenge from the ones who wronged him. I can’t wait for one.

And since i couldn’t really find a song I wanted to recommend, here is an old favourite. Mike Posner is singing Please don’t go. You are so going to love this.


The girls love the boys

Yesterday, i had a massively fun night out with my girlfriends. Nomeeta, Sukhmani and I went to school in Delhi together almost 14 years ago. It was the time Beverly Hills 90210 first aired on Indian television, and we thought we were no less. We air kissed each other every morning and were in love with Brandon and Dylan. We were a fun lot — we had many mad home parties, which we recorded on video and photos (yes we were like today’s teens in that regard). We wore short skirts and loved the boys — in real and reel life. Boyzone was a big favourite. Yesterday as we watched the cute boys of the band The Other People perform at Blue Frog, it took us right back to the time we were just a bunch of teenagers having a whale of a time without a worry. It was a time before the hoo-ha about sex, or being fat, or being hip, or being the cool one — we were just kids who were having a good time. Here are some videos that i needed to see this morning just because i wanted to be that young again.

Boyzone sang Picture of Me and we all swooned. I remember keeping MTV on all day just so i never missed this video.

And then there was the original Beverly Hills 90210, and wasn’t the Brandon and Dylan duo the hottest duo of that time. Here’s a video of them looking freaking cute.

And we loved watching boys play volleyball. Much like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. 🙂 we were a bunch of pervy girls and we loved it.

have a great sunday, and more posts coming up including New New and why Don Draper has redeemed himself in my eyes again.

Song of the day: LA calling

Sometimes, you hear a song and are instantly happy and sunshiny. Especially when it’s called LA story. Listening to the sing made me imagine i was in LA, on a skateboard, in a bikini with a ice cream in my hand. Okay, maybe not LA, but i can dream of Goa, can’t I. You will too. Just listen in. This is Mike Posner and Sammy Adams singing LA Story.

Dance like Britney

So last dance class, my instructor gave all of us an assignment – to find that one video that refelcted what we wanted to dance like and what we thought we wanted to work on. I knew instantly that it was Britney Spears’s Slave for you. From the time i first saw the video, which must have been in 2001, when i was around 18 i think, I equated sexy to Britney. I have always been branded as the cute one — never the sexy one. And as you grow older, the sexy sort of takes a back seat, and you are freaking happy with being just called sweet. But if i had to work on something, it would be to look effortlessly sexy like Britney does in this video. The dance moves are subtle but the attitude is in your face, and as she says “Yo, look at me”, you are like “ya, where else would i look.” I wish i had that “look at me” quality. And that’s why this is my best dance video ever. Do you like it as well?

What’s with these lyrics yo!

Ok, I am a true pop music lover, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Miley CyruS, Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift, who may seem to young for me, i like the song if it’s catchy. I loved Swift’s latest album and had it on my iPod for quite a while. But even when I am listening to a purely pop song, which will be out of my mind in a few days, i do want some quality lyrics. I mean why do you think Maroon 5, Coldplay or John Mayer are so popular — because as you sing the song, you know it’s happened to you. Here’s Miley as she sings her hit We Can’t Stop, which has a great melody and makes me feel like I am a teen again who is in that moment when they think life is just for them. So though the chorus is fine — And we can’t stop, And we won’t stop, Can’t you see it’s we who own the night, Can’t you see it we who bout’ that life But the rest of the lyrics are awesomely dumb — To my homegirls here with the big butts, Shaking it like we at a strip club, Remember only God can judge us, Forget the haters cause somebody loves ya, And everyone in line in the bathroom, Trying to get a line in the bathroom, We all so turnt up here, Getting turnt up yea yea.

Then there is Selena singing Forever you’re mine baby I’m addicted no lie, no lie, I’m not too shy to show I love you, I got no regrets. So baby whenever you’re ready….. Selena’s song is a fun listen but after a while i was just like Naah!

I have to say it, but Taylor Swift is the finest song writer of her generation. She may feel and write like a kid, but it’s still some great stuff for that teenybopper heart. Remember when we broke up the first time
Saying, “This is it, I’ve had enough,” ’cause like We hadn’t seen each other in a month; When you said you needed space. (What?); Then you come around again and say; “Baby, I miss you and I swear I’m gonna change, trust me.” Remember how that lasted for a day?; I say, “I hate you,” we break up, you call me, “I love you.”

Anyway, hopefully they will all grow up and write lyrics we will all remember, and listen to when we need that song. Just like I listen to John Mayer any time I want to feel dreamy. My favourite John Mayer song has to be Back to You. Hope you like it.

A rainy evening and a love story

This weather has truly ignited the romantic in me and today, as I came home, I couldn’t help but write a short love story. It just poured out of me. And somehow it’s not even that romantic. But let me know what you think. It’s called The Heat. As you read, listen to my favourite romantic song ever — Madonna’s Crazy for you. it could be playing as the background of this story — it’s appropriate.

The Heat

Riya woke up from her dream panting. She touched her lips and they were wet as if she had just been kissed. Her mind was playing tricks on her. It was digging out people from the corners of her mind and constructing vivid dreams that were making her blush. Did she just dream what she did? She walked to the loo, a little unsteady, and washed her face. It was red and she found herself thinking about the dream. All she remembered was heat – heat that she could feel now, even when she was not sleeping. If she went back to sleep, would the heat return? Would the dream come back? She got into bed. She shut her eyes. She moaned.

The next morning was a dark one. Why was it that when it was wet, cold and raining, you felt the heat so much more acutely? She stood on the window and felt the cold shower hit her face. The phone was beeping. It was him – the one who looked at her as if she was the one, but had never said it. The phone rang. It was him again – the one who wanted her, and sat close to her at times, and she felt his skin talking to her. What If one day, the one you couldn’t have, shouldn’t have came in your way? What if they wanted you? What if all it needed was a yes?

They stood facing each other on the street. There was so much to say but Riya knew they didn’t want to talk. Why bring anything up when all it did was spoil things? There was no need to explain why they felt this strange tension – one that overruled all logic. The tension that was like last night’s heat. It enveloped her, and she could feel herself feeling short of breath. His hands were on his waist and his face registered concern and then he smiled. What did that smile mean – was he amused at her swooning? Or did he just know that she was going to give in to him? Did that give him power over her? Did she mind it? No, maybe she didn’t. She wanted him to dictate terms – maybe because tomorrow, when everything went back to the way it was, she could say it was his doing. She could pretend she just went along. She could say she was seduced.

Yes, she wanted to be seduced. She wanted to feel sexy – and that looking at her made him want to grab her and do things she knew she would never do. It was like she was 14 again, and she was playing Contact sitting in the school field. And some said, “I pass my msg to…” and slowly, subtly, sometimes not subtly, little fingers squeezed each other as they tried to pass messages without the “seeker” coming to know. Her hand was squeezed by him and they had maintained the pressure. The game was over. But they didn’t move – how could they? It was a perfect excuse to touch. It was like she was 16. She was talking on the phone – lying to someone about where she was. He had walked from behind and snuck his hands into the front pocket of her jeans. Then he had said, “Do you like that” into her ears. She had. It had felt so intimate, and she had not moved. She was 22 and he had kissed her in a club as they listened to a Turkish band play Michael Jackson’s Beat it. She had tried not to move. Today, she felt the same. She couldn’t move. The rain was falling and a fog was forming around them. Or was that just the fog around her mind. Was her heart going to win? Was her body going to betray her?

The kiss was imperfect. But that’s how it marked the return of the heat. They had never done this. It was so new to them. They didn’t know which way their heads should tilt. It was clumsy. They didn’t know what to do with their hands. Riya kept hers firmly by her sides. She didn’t want them to let him know how much she wanted this. His hands remained at her waist – sometimes caressing her back, but most of the time still, like he couldn’t believe they were there. She liked that. She liked that he wasn’t blatant about wanting to kiss her. She liked the fact that he knew there was something wrong about it, but they just couldn’t help it. She liked it that he would like her, even if she hadn’t kissed him. It made it more respectable – this whole business of them standing on a street and kissing each other. There were people stopping to watch now. He broke away and grinned, “maybe, if you want, we can go home.” Home? Where was that? whose home? “My home.” Riya knew she should have said no, but obviously she would say yes.

In his room, she felt strange – not guilty, just strange. She sat on his bed and looked at him with sad eyes – eyes saying stop and don’t stop at the same time. He sat down next to her, close. “We don’t need to do anything.” She knew she didn’t, and she knew he didn’t. But didn’t they need to? She smiled and then slowly bit his ear. The heat had a mind of its own.

She walked back home – through the honking cars and the rickety sounds the city was making as it was winding down for the day. Her lips were wet as if they had been kissed.
And she knew, tonight, she wouldn’t dream again.