Song of the day: Deep

I know i haven’t posted in long. But have been super busy with work. But will try and post more.
for right now, listen to this awesome song by this band called east 17 which was big at one time
it’s perfect listening for this weather tooooo


Why does everyone hate Anne Hathway?

Everyone in the public eye leads a tough life – everything you do is scrutinized and that can’t be fun. And even though we don’t know them at all, we judge them through their photos, interviews and just by the way “they look”. And hence we love some people, and we truly hate some celebrities. One big example of that is Anne Hathaway. I don’t know why but even though she has played some fun characters, I just can’t seem to warm up to her. She just seems tooooo everything to me – too shiny and bright, too excited, too “I am so much in love with my life and the world”, toooo everything. Have we become so cynical that we don’t like a person who looks tooo happy? An NYT piece said that that Hathaway was a victim of the tall poppy syndrome, which basically means “Ms. Hathaway could simply be a victim of what the British call “tall poppy syndrome” — the bloom that pokes above the others is the first to get cut. With her too-perfect mouth, flawless skin, doe eyes and svelte figure, Ms. Hathaway is certainly one of Hollywood’s most visible blossoms of late, particularly after scooping up a best supporting actress Oscar and Golden Globe for her turn as Fantine in “Les Misérables.” It quoted Neal Gabler saying, ““We love authenticity, that’s why we have a billion reality shows,” said Neal Gabler, an author of several best-selling books on Hollywood culture and history. “And here comes Anne Hathaway. Everything she does seems managed, calculated or rehearsed. Her inauthenticity — or the feeling of her inauthenticity — is now viral.”


That may be true – she seems to be nice to that we think she is nice. Does that even make sense, and how can we say that about someone without knowing them. I was reading an intriguing piece about Amanda Knox over the weekend (the American girl who was charged with killing her roommate in Paris in a sex game gone wrong) about how she looks innocent on her book cover, but an innocence that looks put on. Amanda is a big example of how people hate people without knowing them – she was called a devil because she didn’t look upset enough, because he dared to smile, and kiss her boyfriend after her friend was murdered. She just didn’t look sad enough. There is something about Amanda that does make me feel like she is hiding something – what she has gone through is mad though (she was actually told in the prison that she was HIV positive and then scoffed at for having sex with too many people. She was later told she was negative. That’s just torture). Do read the piece here and it will explain it all

But we hate people. I have never warmed upto maybe a Katrina Kaif, just because she looks too perfect. Is that her fault? Maybe not, but I can’t relate to her. Maybe that’s the scene – we all need to relate to people, and that’s what makes them likable or not. NY Mag did an interesting piece on why people hate Anne Hathaway but love Jennifer Lawrence (who is also such a bright spot). It said “The biggest difference between them is their interview and red-carpet persona. Hathaway doesn’t have the same down-to-earth delivery. She’s charming, but not funny. Meanwhile Lawrence manages to exude a best-friend vibe even at a behind-the-curtain Oscar press conference. Anyone who’s frozen up in front of the camera or in front of a crowd knows how hard it is to play a version of yourself and seem “natural” with all eyes on you. That Hathaway struggles with this should make her more relatable to us. Yet “I watch her in outtakes, and I feel like she’s not a real person,” writes a blogger at Crushable.”


I too love Lawrence, just because she seems normal and fun. It’s the same way I have always love Jennifer Aniston and hated Angelina Jolie, loved Rani Mukherjee and hated Aishwarya Rai. To me hating Hathaway is like hating a person who is trying so hard to be someone they think is “cool”. But that’s what happens when you are in limelight. People hate you for no reason at all. As put it, do people hate Hathway for “just her face”. Read that piece here am just glad I am not a celebrity. I have no clue what my face would make people do. 

The boy band is back

Like we 90s chicks had Boyzone and Backstreet Boys, the girls of 2013 have One Direction (and Harry Styles). I have been seeing them everywhere and hearing them even more so. And yesterday as i got their album and heard it all out (knowing pretty well i am 15 years older than their target audience), i found myself really enjoying all that i heard. They are cute, have peppy numbers that talk about their girl issues (ya right, as if they have those), and their videos are endearing — much like Boyzone’s videos in the 90s. I really like this number, Kiss Me, and though i am so old, i love Harry Styles too — who else can have that haircut! i also found this documentary about them, and like Justin Bieber, these boys also work freaking hard to be where they are. I don’t care of this is too mainstream, or too pop, or too boyband, it makes a Monday morning look bright.

Perfectly Incomplete: A short story

I have always thought that the best love stories are the ones that are incomplete, unrequited and just dysfunctional. I blame it on pop culture 🙂 But here’s one i wrote on the fly today. Hope you like it..



Ayesha never could understand why men found her attractive. She didn’t see it. She loved what she saw in the mirror, but she didn’t think she was the type of girls men found hot. It often came as a surprise when someone called her pretty. And if someone said she was hot, well, that was just shocking. She still saw herself as the girl she was in school – the cute one, never the desirable one. What could a man see in her? Why would a man want to kiss her? Maybe it was the breasts – she knew that men sometimes couldn’t see beyond them. Yes, maybe men who called sexy meant she had big breasts. She couldn’t understand why else would a man find her sexy.

So when Aman had insisted that she was pretty – prettier than many girls he had met – a kind of pretty that made him smile – she was sure he was lying. She was sure that he had nothing better to do – than amuse himself by flirting with her. After all, he was who he was – charming to the extent it could be considered illegal. And he acted as if he didn’t know that. He was also too good looking to be interested in a girl like her. He was just too good looking – that tall frame always hunched in a amused stance, with that smile that seemed to be mocking you and admiring you at the same time. He used to smile that smile whenever she said he was such a tease – and then would say something so charming that she would forget whatever that she may have hated about him at the time. The last time they had gone out, he had left her at the bar and returned only an hour later after making out with a gorgeous girl in the loo. She had hated him then. But then as they shared the cab back home, he had snuggled his face into her hair and said that he had wished he would kiss her instead and passed out. Ayesha would never believe that – a boy like Aman wouldn’t want to kiss a girl like her. No, there was no way he would find her attractive.

But he had been saying it for a while now. He thought she was beautiful, he thought they would be great together, he thought he could travel the world with her, he thought that they would be the perfect duo to spend their lives sitting under the sun in an Italian country side, he thought that her lips were inviting him to kiss them and that even though she kept saying no, she meant yes. Ayesha didn’t believe it at all. She wanted to give in, but experience had made her cynical – she was sure she was misreading the signs. No one could find her so desirable, especially Aman. Maybe he just called in the middle of the night to say he missed her, all he meant was that he missed the fun they had – not in particularly her. After all, she wasn’t desirable at all. And when he insisted they speak for hours on end, even if she was running around the city, he would hold the phone and then drawl something seductive like, “Ayesha, Come on, let me kiss you or else I swear I will explode”, she would laugh and say back, “Aman, I don’t want you to never speak to me again. Let’s just keep my lips out of it.” He had kissed many lips – he couldn’t care for hers. She kept herself from noticing the signs too much. They just confused her. The Universe was trying to confuse her – it was trying to make her trip. She wasn’t going to fall for that.

She often stopped herself from calling him, or messaging him, or even meeting him. She wasn’t doing it for him; she was doing it for herself. She didn’t like being lied to, or to be made fun of, especially when slowly, she was starting to believe that it was all true. She would make up scenarios in her head as she went to sleep every night and they were all wildly romantic – she would meet Aman once in a Paris, and they would smile ear to ear when they saw each other, then they would walk the city at night, and kiss as the Eiffel Tower lit up, and then they would kiss again as it got really dark, feeling up each others’ bodies as they did. They breathing would get heavy and they would say things to each other they would never repeat in daylight. Then at the end of a lovely week, they would leave each other. Then as Ayesha sat in a plane back home, she would remember Aman and feel beautiful, because a man like him had loved her. It would all be done. Because weren’t the best love stories the ones that were incomplete. You couldn’t be in love forever – you had to long for each other all your life, or it wasn’t really that kind of love. That’s was another reason she only met him in her dreams – if she met him too much in real life she would fall in that forever kind of love with him, and her cold analysis would go out of the window. Because the girl that she was wouldn’t leave him in Paris – she would never leave him. And he possibly couldn’t want that. So she had to bite her tongue when she wanted to say, “Aman, come on over and kiss me.” She couldn’t do that. She couldn’t be that girl. He would come over, kiss her, and then forget her. No, she couldn’t be that girl.

It was like positive affirmation – hers had to be negative. She had to tell herself she wanted nothing to do with Aman, that she wasn’t his type, and neither was he hers. So when he landed up outside her door one night, and asked her if she wanted to play snakes and ladders, she should have said no, but she said yes. That happens right. You try and not pay someone attention, but how do shun them when they pay you attention. After all, deep down, you like them right? You are just pretending to not like them, and they know that, right? Aman seemed like a snake right now – every time she thought she had reached a pinnacle, a new bench mark of not liking him, he bit her, and she came tumbling down. It was a game she wasn’t winning.

She must have been lost in thought because when Aman kissed her, she didn’t stop him. This wasn’t her. This couldn’t be right – why would Aman want to kiss her. He must have heard her thoughts because he stopped kissing her and sighed – “Will you let go off whatever you are holding on to for tonight?” She sighed, “Tonight. Just for tonight.” He kissed her again and this time she didn’t think why.

The next morning, she felt as if she was in the Paris of her dreams. He was leaving and she didn’t want him to. But she wasn’t going to be the girl she really was, and say “Aman stay forever.” She would let him go, and it would be that perfect incomplete love story. That had always been their destiny. It was the stuff dysfunctional short stories were made of. She would make a great heroine – cut such a tragic figure. She was the one everyone would love – like Jennifer Aniston, right? She was the perfect girl who the horrible hottie left — she was the one who would get all the love. After all, she was the one being left.

Aman kissed her softly before he left – his tall frame leaning on the front door in that drunk way that was his signature. “Will I see you soon?” he asked her and she longed to just say, “Now. See me now. See me forever.” But instead she said, “Yup, where am I going? Soon. That’s when I will see you.” She knew it was in their destiny to not be together. They couldn’t be – it wouldn’t be poignant enough. And then Aman would stop saying all the things he said now. To be unforgettable, their love story had to be incomplete. He had to be the guy who never loved her – how could he, she wasn’t his type. Aman was smiling that smile – one that seemed to say she was the stupidest girl he had ever met, but he liked her in spite of that. He said, “So soon then,” and then he shut the door. He knew she was standing on the other side patting herself on the back for letting him go. But he knew she was right. He loved her. But he didn’t want to spoil the illusion. He didn’t want to be ordinary in her eyes. It was in their destiny to be incomplete lovers. It just seemed perfect that way. And he knew that both of them wanted it to be perfect. Perfectly incomplete. It was destiny.

I heart Jim Sturgess


I fell in love today. I had read One Day but when i saw the movie, i completely fell in love with the character of Dex that i even forgot that i didn’t like Anne Hathaway at all, and ended up loving the movie. Brit actor Jim Sturgess plays Dex in such a charming way that it’s hard not to get taken in. I once had a friend who was a lot like him — dreamy, slightly effeminate, but completely male with a roving eye, with a smile on his face that sway in his walk that felt like he was always drunk. He was the kind who would make any girl feel lucky to be with him — he had that Je Ne se quois quality — you couldn’t really put your finger on it. Dex is like that — good looking, slightly sad, totally loserish, but so charming that it melts your heart, so boyish you want to do everything for him. I feel in love, thanks to Jim Sturgess and it was a lovely feeling. The soundtrack to the movie is also brilliant, esp the theme, which sound too familiar to Amit Trivedi’s score for Lootera. It can’t be a coincidence. Do hear it.

ps. I totally loved his styling too — so retro and french and brit at the same time. Lovely.


You have to watch the movie. Now.

Music to get dressed to!

When i was younger, i used to shut the door to my room and put on my stereo really loud and dress up to music. It was a habit that i don’t know when and how i lost. It made you feel sexy, and sort of prepared for the world that lay outside that door. My music collection varied according to my mood but was always uplifting. It could be Boyzone serenading me, or Jlo making me move my booty, or Mariah singing Fantasy and getting you all dreamy. It gave me confidence, validation and basically put me in the mood for everything fun — work or pleasure. I am sure there is a study somewhere that says that people who get dressed to music are the ones who are happier. There has to be — wait let me google it — ok, i didn’t find one that exactly fit this, but i found a study that says “A study from the University of Missouri has confirmed that listening to an upbeat song can lift your mood. But this only works if you’re consciously aware you’re trying to make yourself happier by listening to the songs.” I think that’s what we are doing when dress to upbeat music. It’s an easy way to put a pep in our steps. Here are some songs that i think are ideal if you want to feel sexy, confident and happy when you step out every day.

1. My Sharona by The Knack or the Ramones. It’s the best song ever to play if you are feeling low. It will make you happy in an instant.

2. Sunday Morning by No Doubt. Ok, you have to sing along with this one. And scream loudly when she does.

3. And to feel sexy, there is no one better than JLO. I love JenNY from the Block. Strut your stuff now!

Also, do read this piece in the Atlantic about a community of people who are happier and live longer. There are some interesting reasons given for that phenomenon. Read it here

Men, men, men

I love pop culture for giving me so many men to dream about as i go to sleep every night, and that doesn’t change if i am married or anything. My choices are often determined by how good looking the men are but also about what kind of character they portray on screen. They need to be devilish, bad boys with a sense of humor. I don’t like the good boy next door — so TED from HIMYM is so out. The men who make me happy need to be rugged, scruffy, hot yet sweet, wicked but with a heart of gold. A man man, you know, like the Marlboro man? Ok, enough, here are my picks for the most delicious of them all.

1. Dean and Sam Winchestor.
I love Dean way more than Sam, just because he is so freaking funny, and doesn’t sulk. Sam is the sulky one but with that body, well, you forgive him for the sulkiness. But Dean is on my laminated list (the men i can cheat with despite being married). Yes it’s Dean, dean, dean.


and here are some of their most funny scenes!

2. Javier Bardem. Just that word is enough. I love his wife too though. Penelope Cruz rocks. Bardem is such a man. You have to watch the scene from Vicky Christina Barcelona. Hilarious.

3. Daniel Craig. As Bond, As Blomkavist, as everything. Those eyes.

4. Christian Bale. I will miss you as Batman.