How to know if he’s just not that into you?

I liked watching He’s Just Not That Into You, and though many things in that movie are true, many are so not. To me, there are two main points one should keep in mind.

1. Girls can’t usually play hard to get, but they usually like the guy who plays hard to get.
2. Men can usually play hard to get to the hilt, and they usually like girls who play hard to get

I use the word usually because i don’t want to generalise, but this is often the case. And also, though the movie says, “if a man likes you, he will make it a point you know”, which is often true, but there are many exceptions to the rule. One of my exes told everybody he knew that he didn’t like me “like that” but then as he couldn’t resist the fact that i liked him and did his bidding, made sure he called me every morning and said I love you, and came to my office every evening to check if i was meeting someone else!!

Attraction is complicated. How to know if somebody is flirting with you, or are you just over reacting? I find that women are “usually” the simpler sex. They can’t hide it well when they like a guy — they get emotional, they get clingy, needy and they want to love the man with all they have. They get “too much” too soon. They also never like the nice guys who like them. No sir, he instantly goes into friend zone. Remember Matt and Jenna in 13 on 30. I love that movie and i so totally love Matt — the plump neighbourhood friend who makes Jenna that dream doll house. Loving like a girl is so totally messed up. You fall for the bad boys, and just ignore the good boy, who will grow up and become such a hottie you will so regret it. You never know the good boy’s worth till he is with someone else. Ouch! Our own Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was like that, except Kajol had to start looking a “girl” before she actually gets SRK.

Girls just need to chill out and appreciate a guy who is so not their “type”. In college, there was a friend of mine who liked me, and he was so not my type. But as i spent time with him, i slowly started really liking him. The day i was going to tell him, hey, let’s just go out, he came and told me that i was a selfish, self obsessed moron who only thought of myself, and there was no way he liked me. I was too late — he thought i was using him! We never could be friends again.

And stop reading signs, though that’s just so much fun. He msgd me, he didn’t call me, he called my best friend instead, uff — if he likes you, it will happen. Just be yourself and don’t play games. It’s so much better like that. Remember Love Actually — when the guy tells Keira Knightly he loved her, even though she marries his best friend. He just wants to tell her, get closure and move on. So freaking sweet. what i don’t understand is how Keira’s character doesn’t know he likes her — he tries to make her feel like he doesn’t just a bit too hard. Guys often do that — pull the pigtails of the girl they love? But don’t pay attention to that sign because that can be misleading.

Guys, well, can just be guys. I just wished they stopped liking the girl who played hard to get and be so mean to the girl who doesn’t. She is easy, you freaks, she likes you and doesn’t understand why is that such a bad thing to admit. Hahaha. Also, i wish guys never played the friend card and then get upset when the girl doesn’t like you. My husband, whom I met when i was with the horrid ex i mentioned above, liked me from the first instant, but completely cut off when he realised i wasn’t in the space. He didn’t hang around and become a “friend”. And I totally dig that. When we restarted our conversations, he told me upfront, I like you, and this can only work if you like me. He said he wasn’t capable of playing games. And that’s when i fell in love. 🙂

I think we all just need to be honest. Tell the person you like that you like them. Either it works out, or you move on. So easy, so fun. Maybe we should leave the tears and the games for the movies, because they wouldn’t be fun without them. I have to put a video of Romi and Michelle here as they attend their high school reunion and dance the night with the school geek, who is now a millionaire. Aren’t all the girls who rejected him feeling bad now? Have a great, great, great thursday.


3 thoughts on “How to know if he’s just not that into you?

  1. I couldn’t agree MORE!!! Love the clips you posted!!!

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  3. I love This.. Totally inspiring.. Thank You so much for my evening is more Cheerful..

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