JT Obsession


I am obsessed with JT right about now. I just love him, adore him, crave him — it’s all a bit exciting. I never thought i would feel this way about any musician but Michael Jackson. I have been only and only listening to the 20/20 experience ever since i heard it. And am still not tired of it. Then when i saw this video where JT works the black and white combination work so well, i feel in love even more. Take Back the Night seems to be a tribute to Michael in any case — the soft disco vibe, the trumpet bit, the cool subtle dance moves. Oh JT, i know you love Michael too. So here are two songs — Take Back the Night and one of my favourite Michael numbers ever — Black or white — am keeping with the theme. 🙂 have a great monday


Mad About You: Love songs from movies


A good soundtrack has often been responsible for me loving a movie. When i woke up with a song from 13 on 30 stuck in my head, i had to share the song with you. It’s Belinda Carlisle singing Mad About You. It’s dreamy, happy and about that feeling we know as “falling in love”. It also did grow on me after a few listens, so maybe give it more than just one hearing.

The 13 on 30 has Madonna’s Crazy for You as well which is one of the sexiest songs i have ever heard. That and Paula Abdul’s Rush Rush, which is not really from a movie, but has Keanu Reeves in it and shot in cinematic style.

As for a sweet over song, there is nothing better than One Fine Day from One Fine Day. I loved Michelle and George in this movie and this song, well, this song is a classic.

There is also another sexy song from the movie Practical Magic called Is This Real, by Lisa Hall. you will thank me for introducing you to this gem

Playlist On Repeat

Sometimes when you are busy or just in that weird state of mind, music is such a healer. It makes you lose yourself and de-stress — in my case it takes me to a different place where all that i want happens the way i want it. And there are no repercussions at all. No wonder i always need to have my iPod on so that i can live my ideal life. 🙂 these last few days i have been busy with a bit of travelling and have had Justin Timberlake and One Direction give me company. I have heard Justin’s album 20/20 experience so many times now that it’s burning up my iPod. It’s so different from what he has done before — i especially love the extended versions of all the songs — they have a chill house music vibe, along with a r&b hip hop feel all the while keeping it super melodious as the songs all have a central melody that hooks you and reels you in. Everyone Must listen to this album. It’s freaking awesome.

Sample this song called Tunnel Vision. This is just one song, but all the songs on this album are worth it.

and then there is the sweet One Direction, which does the romantic stuff so well. They make me feel young and i thank them for that.

here is a song i work up with stuck in my head. It’s called Come On Come On

many posts coming up. ciao