Song of the day: In your House

Jagged Little Pill is one of the best albums ever produced. Alanis not only woos with her singing, but her song writing.
Take this song for instance. She sings about going to a lover’s house and going through his things. we have all been there. It’s lovely.

I burned your incense
I ran a bath
I noticed a letter that sat on your desk
It said “Hello love, I love you so love, meet me at midnight”
And no, it wasn’t my writing
I’d better go soon
It wasn’t my writing


A Monday poem


I know it’s been really long since a post, but have been living in a dreamworld. But today, a poem i read snapped me back and made me write a poem — which i never do. But it was so lovely, it made me write. It’s called “When You Have Forgotten Sunday: The Love Story” by Gwendolyn Brooks, and this is how it goes

“When You Have Forgotten Sunday: The Love Story
— And when you have forgotten the bright bedclothes on a Wednesday and a Saturday,
And most especially when you have forgotten Sunday —
When you have forgotten Sunday halves in bed,
Or me sitting on the front-room radiator in the limping afternoon
Looking off down the long street
To nowhere,
Hugged by my plain old wrapper of no-expectation
And nothing-I-have-to-do and I’m-happy-why?
And if-Monday-never-had-to-come—
When you have forgotten that, I say,
And how you swore, if somebody beeped the bell,
And how my heart played hopscotch if the telephone rang;
And how we finally went in to Sunday dinner,
That is to say, went across the front room floor to the ink-spotted table in the southwest corner
To Sunday dinner, which was always chicken and noodles
Or chicken and rice
And salad and rye bread and tea
And chocolate chip cookies —
I say, when you have forgotten that,
When you have forgotten my little presentiment
That the war would be over before they got to you;
And how we finally undressed and whipped out the light and flowed into bed,
And lay loose-limbed for a moment in the week-end
Bright bedclothes,
Then gently folded into each other—
When you have, I say, forgotten all that,
Then you may tell,
Then I may believe
You have forgotten me well.”

Isn’t it absolutely lovely. I am following her thought process and i wrote one called “Forgetting” Let me know if you liked? 🙂


Remember you asked me when I first knew
When I first knew you were my world?
It was a warm summer’s night. And as you hugged me, we had lingered.
That’s when I knew. I remember that’s when I knew
Remember when I asked when you first felt like kissing me?
You said it was that day when I slowly kissed your cheek goodbye
you had wanted to pull me back
and fit me in a corner, and kiss me endlessly
You will always remember that, you said
What about the time I wanted to first touch you, and not in a sweet way?
I remember that
I stood next to you leaning over an old car. Our shoulders barely touched.
I stood next to you so I didn’t have to look at you
You had a question in your eyes, and I didn’t know the answer
I had wanted to touch you then, and not in a sweet way
Remember when we fell in love?
It just happened right?
Was there a time when we weren’t in love? I said
Remember when we made love?
I am still trying to forget

All I do is remember.

October musings

Somehow this October is making me all romantic. And when i heard this song by St Vincent, i felt weak in the knees. Her voice is haunting and oh so lovely. don’t blame me if you want to kiss somebody as soon as it finishes

also, i have been re-reading all the world famous romances to inspire my writing and it’s been an awesome exercise. You know the feeling you get sometimes when a book calls out to you — well fountainhead has been doing that to me. and i have been reading that along with Thornbirds and good writing can make you feel so much, right? Meggie and Ralph’s romance is the so bittersweet and that’s why so freaking beautiful. sigh! You have to read them again if you have already read them, or just buy now!!! It’s worth it and it will make October much prettier.

I also did a post on my fashion blog where i tried to look at date-like and romantic. Check it out here
will stop being lazy and post everyday now. Have a great day. Ciao 🙂