Isn’t she wonderful: My pop culture fashion icons

It’s true right? We find many of our fashion inspirations from TV, movies and music. I love clothes, love dressing up, but i don’t necessarily know if that means I love fashion. I think we all operate in a void where personal style is concerned, and maybe we should, because style is all about what suits you and not what is in trend. But it always helps if there is a stylish lady to look upto — i never copy what they wear, but the way they wear it is quite important as well as their innate style. Let me start with my all-time favourite fashionista — Carrie, whom i would never dress like maybe, but i adore her courage at wearing what she does. She awesome at experimenting and I love her flightiness. Her fashion choices always made me feel so lame — i mean how does someone carry off a tutu in real life!! I bow down Carrie.

My second spot goes to Joan of Mad Men, only because no one has ever embraced her shape the way this one does. That booty and those boobs are perfectly clothed and perfectly prepped at all times, and I thank her for giving me courage to do the same. It’s after I saw Joan that I knew it was okay to look this way. Really! I love her bold colours and her silhouettes which make her look ultra feminine and yet always in control. Joan, you are my style mentor.

recently though, I admired Shoshanna Shapiro in Girls. Preppy, cute, girly, and in place, her style is so up my alley. I wanted everything she wore in the show.


Here is a song that just says all the things I feel like saying about fashion. Fregie sings Labels or Love


New, new: The Devil returns and the Newsroom too

Here’s what new in books, music, movies and tv. You don’t want to miss this

Books: The Devil that loves wearing Prada is back. Lauren Weisberger returns with the Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns. Andy and her arch-enemy Emily now join forces to start their own magazine – a hi-end bridal tome. It’s called the Plunge and it’s doing fabulously well. Andy is also getting married. But the Devil never lets sleeping dogs lie and when Andy meets the devil again, it won’t be pretty. I am so looking forward to this one – even though I never read the first one – only watched the movie. But I so wish they rope in Meryl Streep again – that woman is a goddess. But no Anne Hathaway please. Yes, I am one of those haters. Don’t know why though. Will think about it and do a blogpost. It’s available on Flipkart.

Harlem by New Politics, a band from Denmark. It’s a happy song with a happy video, You can’t help but smile.

and then though it’s not new, do listen to Parachute’s Kiss me Slowly. It’s a beautiful love song, and the boy singing it is just so delicious, I had to post it. I love his hair and eyes. Gosh aren’t I such a teenager!

There is also the new song from Once Upon a Time in Mumbai again and it’s quite melodious in that sufi style.

Fashion: There is an interesting article on NYT about Kylie Minogue trying to get famous in the US by posturing as a fashion icon. do read here
And here is my favourite Kylie song just based on the way it is styled. It’s called Slow

TV: The Newsroom is going to return next month. Yippee. Even though it’s a bit preachy, I can’t wait to see Jeff Daniels again. Well you can’t blame me – Game of Thrones just finished and Don is behaving like an arse on Mad Men. And my favourite Supernatural won’t be back till September. A girl needs her TV.

Movies: Chennai Express launched its trailer and I already don’t want to see it. Deepika’s accent sucks and SRK really needs to retire now. But just maybe, it may be fun. You never know

Mags of the month: To buy or not?

Whenever I am nearing a weekend, I need something good to read – be it a book or a stack of magazines. I am reading Junot Diaz’s The Brief Wondrous life of Oscar Wao, which I will tell you all about later. But I also brought many magazines to keep me company and let me tell you if you need to buy any this month.

I have to start with my favourite magazine in the world, which has to be Glamour UK. The fashion magazine comes in mini magazine form and is an absolute delight to read. Along with their fashion spreads which are done in pop colours and which has an array of clothes and shoes that you just want to keep staring at, the mag does fun, flirty and more fun in a very unpretentious, engaging way. There are serious articles like about how young women are sexually treated in colleges, or about high class escorts, but they are all written in an easy way to reach out to everybody. But my favourite sections are their fashion sections where there are so many tips and tricks and just so many clothes that I go crazy. I also love their culture section – which is even better on the iPad app, where you can watch trailers and listen to music they suggest. It’s just Rs 170 at the app store so do buy. Must must must. Check out glimpse at


In India, I make it a point to always buy Grazia and now, the new and improved Cosmopolitan. Both these mags have lots of affordable fun fashion and features for the youth. This month in Grazia, check out Donatella Versace’s interview, which is quite insightful and also their regular features such as A day in the life of, The fashion Jury and Grazia Confessions. Their Ticket to Wonderland fashion spread is also fun and inspiring…you can imagine yourself wearing much of that. On the down side, I didn’t like the way Saina Nehwal was style in her interview. They made her look older and boring – maybe she would have looked better in some luxe sportswear – silver tracks, high tops and a neon tee? But the one thing I love about Grazia is that they use models on their covers – thank God, I can’t look at an actress any more.


Cosmo this month has a pop cover I love with my favourite Kalki Koechlin. Inside, there is just so much to flip through, just like Glamour UK, which I honestly re-read for a whole month. Singer Anushka Manchanda stars in an absolutely awesome wear denims for 30 days fashion feature, which you can totally take a leaf out of. Every look is doable and fun. I like their Kalki interview and a feature on how to lose weight by eating right in 7 days (Don’t we love those ones even if we follow it for exactly a day). It’s a fun issue, do pick it up.


Marie Claire India has a blah cover with Kareena looking stunning but boring. Inside though, there are some interesting articles especially the one about young women and their bedrooms which say a lot about them. I didn’t even read the Kareena interview because I have read it all before. But their influencers list is interesting and has some inspiring people on it. The Sheila Dikshit interview is also a must read.

Femina has done a Graphic issue with Kalki on the cover again and she looks gorgeous but the issue itself is a little messy – the design is confusing and distracts you. But there is a lot to read. Bottom of the pile in the fashion magazines is Vogue, first because I am tired of seeing the same actresses on the cover – even if it is Sonam Kapoor looking amazing. Inside, there is absolutely nothing to read, according to me, except the interview with Katherine Boo and her husband. They style list is jaded and done. The whole magazine is too dense and not fun for me to read. I thumbed through Elle and nothing caught my eye and the Harper’s cover itself was boring so didn’t pick it up.

In the news magazine world, I read Open and Tehelka on a weekly basis and you always find something to like. I work at Open so won’t brag about it too much but this week, do read a fun piece by Akshay Sawai on journalists and their underworld links here. And the cover story on who is the Indian hipster here. Tehelka has an insightful story about acid victim Preeti Rathi who was attacked in Mumbai by Nishita Jha. I also picked up Caravan which has a pertinent, important cover story on the state of Indian bridges by Rahul Bhatia, but the rest of the magazine is sleep inducing and too intellectual for my menial tastes.

If I missed out a magazine, do let me know. And if this post was even beneficial 
Have fun on the weekend

New New: Books, music and TV show

So this is the part I love most. This is where I scout new stuff that’s happening in books, music, and movies and bring it to you. As I said, it’s a selfish Endeavour as I am actually making myself aware too. So here goes.

Books: Bridget Jones is back and she still loves the boys. Helen Fielding’s new book is going to be out soon and is up for pre-order on Flipkart. It’s called Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy. As always Bridget will be dealing with all those womanly issues we hate to address but we obsess over anyway. She is still on diet and is now trying to look better as the years roll by. She is also still smoking and now maybe even texting, or sexting. The plot is still quite a secret but you know it’s going to be mad fun. Order, order. bridget-jones-mad-about-the-boy

Also must read is The Woman Upstairs: Have you ever met someone who has ignited in you a fire so great that you need to stop doing everything you are doing and go live your life the way it was meant to? No. Well maybe reading about it may add some romance to your life. In Claire Messud’s The Woman Upstairs, Nora, an elementary school teacher meets the Shahid family from Lebanon when they shift into her building and realizes that she needs to start living the life she never allowed herself to. Instead she just became the woman upstairs, ever dependable, never complaining. When the Shahids enter her life, she starts seeing herself in a different way, thanks to them. Sounds interesting, don’t you think. the-woman-upstairs

Music: Ok there is a female band called Boy, and Boy, are they fun. And Indie as they come. I especially like the way they look – the all American laid back look. Very retro and hipster. Fun video and fun song.

TV: There is a new show in town and it’s been described as the new Gossip Girl just older. It’s about a bunch of female friends and all their illicit affairs. Well the name said it all. And it’s got Alyssa Milano, who I heart. I know I am going to get addicted to this.

And if any of you still haven’t read John Galliano’s new Vanity Fair interview, click here. It’s his first interview ever since he let loose on the racist slurs and he talks about his future with Ingrid Sischy. As he says of the drug use that led to that outburst, “I was going to end up in a mental asylum or six feet under.”

Fashion me a docu

I love reading and watching documentaries or movies about fashion, not just wearing it. It completely inspires me when I see a person creating or working with something i regard as art. Two fashion documentaries you must watch are The September Issue, which is all about the workings of Vogue and how the team goes about producing its bulky Sepetember issue. September is a big deal in fashion as it’s the month the seasons change. You see a different side of Anna Wintour and also meet Vogue’s fashion director Grace Coddington who you will instantly fall in love it. This is a hard business and if Grace gets edited, surely it doesn’t matter if you do too.

The second one — a documentary on Bill Cunningham, NYT’s style photographer — inspired me in a different way. It makes you see a way someone works which is so impossible in today’s world. He is totally dedicated and it’s all about the photo. And his for detail is awesome — he captures street style in New York and even Wintour says that he sees things before she does. Must watch.

Style icon: Victoria Beckham

I never noticed Victoria when she was a part of the Spice Girls, but ever since she entered the world of fashion, i absolutely adore her personal style. It’s classy, understated and chic. It’s about dressing your age and still looking so damn stylish. I love her pencil skirts and cardigan combo. She is actually being blamed for spreading disease now! “Medical professionals in Britain have singled out Victoria Beckham for influencing the masses to purchase large purses similar to the ones she’s photographed carrying, the Daily Express reports. “Poshitis,” as it has been labeled, refers to the back and neck pain one gets from carrying a heavy purse in the crook of one’s arm like Posh Spice,” said a piece in the Huffington Post. I don’t care. I am going to copy her style, just because it’s so in tandem with mine — understated style.



New New! June 3, 2013

You know all the important news right? This is the less important but fun news. Why not begin every day with what’s new out there. Is there book you may want to buy, or a track you are just going to love? I am looking forward to this section too, as I will be self-educating. Tee hee. Chalo, let’s get started.

New music:A singer called Somo does a rendition of John Mayer’s (Who is my absolute favourite) Slow dancing in a burning room. It makes you feel what every sad love song makes you feel – tingly. You may just miss your ex, but it’s worth it. It’s a great song.

New book: Tomorrow is going to be a great day for erotica and thriller lovers. Sylvia Day’s new book Entwined With You is releasing on Amazon, and so is Stephen King’s Joyland.
Day will once again recount the erotic adventures of Eva and Gideon (I think the one most important thing for erotica is to get the names of the protagonists right…Gideon!!).
And King, who is truly the king of thriller/horror, is a story about a young man who is on the heels of a serial killer in a truly awesome setting – an amusement park called Joyland. I can already feel the goosebumps.

Fashion: Must read interview has Alexander Wang and Oscar De La Renta and conversation and it’s pretty fun. Renta started his career at Balenciaga “picking up pins from the floor” as he says, and Wang is now creative director there. Fun read. Read it here

New on TV
Many months ago, I had been contacted by a producer asking if I wanted to be on a show where I would be a given a camera to shoot my daily life. What did ordinary, working women do everyday? I declined, not only because I really don’t want to be on reality TV, bit also I didn’t think my life was that interesting. Then I saw the trailer for Connected Hum Tum and I am sort of glad I said no. The show, directed by Paromita Vohra, is about the life of six women, seen through the cameras they aim at themselves. So there is Preeti Kochar, a dentist who just want her husband to support her, while another is a struggling actress. Though the makers have said it’s not like other reality shows which sensationalize everything, the initial promos are pretty Big Bossish. Hope it turns out differently.